The Cat In The Hat Is Back – Leonard Cohen Prepares For 2008 Tour


I’m Your (Sharp-dressed) Man

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
‘Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

– From Sharp-dressed Man by ZZ Top

This shot of Leonard Cohen rehearsing for his upcoming World Tour in his Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes1 is intriguing and even a tad mysterious.

How, for example, does he look so good in that hat? Why does he look like an illustration for the dictionary definition of “dapper” wearing a double breasted jacket while 97% of the men that don them (including Dave Letterman, who wears one almost every night on his show) resemble nothing else as much as a corpse being fitted for a shroud? Why is he fingering a keyboard when he typically plays a guitar, if he plays any instrument, in his concerts? Why does he have only one hand on the keyboard? Is the one hand in the pocket stance essential as a component of the not quite insouciant slouch?

And what the heck is with that gong in the background?


Credit Due Department: Photo by Lorca Cohen. Used by permission of Leonard Cohen via Ed Sanders. Thanks to Dick Straub for alerting me to the photo.

Note: Originally posted Apr 27, 2008 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

  1. Or would these be Leonard Cohen’s “Sabbath-go-to-meeting Clothes?” Or his “Sabbath-go-to-synagogue Clothes?” Such are the perils of the culturally sensitive blogger. []

Leonard Cohen’s “The Window” Lends Name To Lorca Cohen’s Antique Store


The Dominique Issermann Connection

“The Window” is located on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, where there is a remarkable antiques shop next to the others. “The Window” is the business of Lorca Cohen and Greg Wooten, although the name was stolen twice, as Lorca Cohen says. “I took the idea of the photographer Dominique Issermann, who had named her business in France after the song of my father.” …

The Art Deco architecture of this version of “The Window”, the high ceilings and eclectic furniture and objects of the 20th century are impressive to most visitors, although they are often collectors or interior designers.

From So besonders sind die Bewohner von Los Angeles [via Google Translate] by Esma Annemon Dil (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Feb 11, 2017) Photo of Lorca Cohen & Greg Wooten at The Window at link.

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Lorca Cohen, who contributed the photo and to Rike, who alerted me to this article.

Hear Rufus Wainwright Talk About Opera, Daughter Viva Cohen, Leonard Cohen’s Health, And More


Louise Richardson sends word that Rufus Wainwright was interviewed on Radio New Zealand Oct 29, 2016 on a variety of topics, including his love of opera, his artistic family and their reion to him being gay, and his addiction to crystal meth. Of special interest to Cohen fans is the section beginning about 13 minutes into the broadcast, which contains his comments on Leonard’s health and his relationship with Viva Cohen (whose mother is Leonard Cohen’s daughter Lorca).

The article and the broadcast itself can be accessed at Rufus Wainwright: opera, meth and family

Credit Due Department: Photo by Ben Coombs – Rufus Wainwright live At Rock Werchter, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikipedia Commons

Two Photos: Leonard Cohen – Not Just A Worker In Song


Photos Taken By Lorca Cohen At Leonard Cohen’s LA Home – 2014

Lorca Cohen, who published the photo (displayed below) she took of her dad hard at work at the Leonard Cohen Facebook page, was good enough to send a second shot (see above) she took during the same session for posting here.


Note: Originally posted Sept 5, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric