Meeting Leonard Cohen, Or As Marc Altheim Puts It “Leonard Cohen & Me – OMG”

marc-altheimMarc Altheim emailed me (and, I suspect, everyone in his address book) about his Leonard Cohen encounter in Amsterdam, where he and his wife traveled to see, among other sights, the Sept 20, 2013  Leonard Cohen concert. Marc’s message also included these tidbits:

  • I was shaking when we first met.
  • He is such a gentleman.
  • Mystic!
  • Surreal.
  • When we took the picture he actually hugged tightly.  He was into it.   We had some brief chit chat.  We spoke of meditating and the synagogue in Amsterdam.  I wished him Happy Sukkah.  When I left he said Z’ gesundt (sic)!

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Leonard Cohen, Rebecca De Mornay, & Lorraine Sexton In The Streets Of Glenside PA

Lorraine Sexton’s Friend Gets Grief From His Girlfriend, Signs Autographs Nonetheless

Leonard Cohen signed these autographs for Lorraine Sexton on July 15, 1993 while standing in the street in Glenside PA1 before his concert at Keswick Theatre (part of the “Future Tour).  Lorraine reports what took place:

He was with Rebecca De Mornay,2 who was much annoyed that he was spending time with fans. When I asked him to sign his poetry books and Future CD, she said

Leonard doesn’t have time…he hasn’t eaten yet and has to perform in an hour.

He kindly replied that he had time to do this for his ‘”friend” and was amazed I had brought his old poetry books, such as Energy of Slaves. I asked him to pick his favorite and he said he would sign all of them! (see photos above)

I even asked if I could shake his hand…just to touch him.

Lorraine’s And Leonard’s Shared Memory

I told him that the first time I saw him was in early 70’s in Bryn Mawr PA, at Main Point Cafe, a small venue with maybe 100 seats, and he remembered the place. Just him, his guitar, and two backup singers. Heaven.

The Main Point

Lorraine on The Main Point:

Lots of performers got their start there.3  I saw Leonard Cohen there twice or three times. It was small store where you bought fresh baked goods and went through a curtain into big room to sit at old fashioned wooden school desks with the stage was right in front of you. I could have reached out and touched him. He was so humble and kind. I fell in love with him when I saw Songs Of Love And Hate at the store and bought it because of the album cover and notes. That was all it took to get me hooked for life.

For more about the Main Point, see Remembering the Main Point, 1964 – 1981

 Back To Glenside

Rebecca held onto him as if he were gold that night. I knew immediately it was her, knowing he was seeing her. I think she was pissed because the fans – and there really weren’t that many, I was maybe the third or fourth to approach him – didn’t pay any attention to her. This was not too long after she made “The Hand That Rocked The Cradle.” After they continued walking down the street, I met the guy I was going to the concert with. As we walked past a Chinese restaurant…..there was Leonard Cohen and & Rebecca De Mornay having dinner.


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  1. Glenside is a suburb of Philadelphia []
  2. At the time, Leonard Cohenand Rebecca De Mornay were dating.  Cohen, in fact, has reported that this, among all of his relationships, was the one that brought him a closest to taking wedding vows. For more information, see Picture Leonard Cohen With Rebecca De Mornay []
  3. Performers included Springsteen, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, Son House, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley, Velvet Underground, … See long, long list at Main Point Performers []

During Dinner In Lisbon Leonard Cohen Draws A Self-Portrait For A Swedish Neuroradiologist Practicing In Riyadh

selfportrait-3With An International Cast: Kari-Anita Larsson (Norway), Kezban Özcan (Istanbul), & Bruce Brown (“A Beekeeper From Arizona”)

Sven G. Larsson, the titular Swedish Neuroradiologist, writes:

It was a joyful evening in Lisbon. I had flown in from Riyadh via Istanbul for a MRI conference that weekend and since Leonard Cohen was having a concert the following Monday, my wife and I had extended our stay. As we sat down for dinner at a sidewalk seafood restaurant, I saw Leonard walking down the street looking for a place to eat. I got up and said: “Welcome, Mr Cohen, please have a seat.” He accepted the invitation and sat down together with Kezban and Billy Mitchell. Later Bruce Brown, a beekeeper from Arizona whom Leonard seemed to know, joined us. Because my wife and I had lived and worked in the Middle East for the past 25 years, we all came to talk about the unruly situation in Syria and Turkey. I explained that a proxy war was starting in Syria, which Leonard seemed to take to heart.

After some happier small talk (we did not talk at all about music) and after Leonard had finished an extra serving of tiramisu we bid farewell. During the dinner Leonard had drawn a self-portrait on the table cloth after having signed a few CDs that the restaurant staff had brought to the table. As we were about to leave he signed the dedication on the table cloth and drew the contour of his own hand and of the hands of the people around the table (left to right: Billy Mitchell, my wife Kari-Anita, and Kezban) and gave it to me. It was a pinnacle moment of my life.


This is my story about Leonard’s hand which now has a more somber meaning to my wife and me.

Best regards,


Glen Hansard Meets Leonard Cohen: “Something was transferred in that moment and I knew exactly where I wanted to be”


Glen Hansard tells how his cousin’s epileptic seizure during a concert on the Various Positions tour led to a brief meeting with Leonard Cohen that crystallized his (Hansard’s) conviction to become a singer-songwriter.

He [Leonard Cohen] shook my cousin’s hand, asked him if he was okay, and shook my hand. I guess in a way that was really, for me, the moment where I just knew that this was what I wanted to follow. Meeting Leonard and his big, soft, paddy hand. This artist, this writer. Something was transferred in that moment and I knew exactly where I wanted to be.quotedown2

Glen Hansard


This excerpt is the conclusion of the story which can be found in its entirety at How meeting Leonard Cohen changed Glen Hansard’s life by Double J (Double J:Oct 7, 2016)

Credit Due Department: Photo by Niccolò Caranti – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikipedia

Leonard Cohen Sighting: Richardson Shop – LA

"And Jesus was a sailor When he walked upon the water…" #LeonardCohen #RichardsonShopLA #WearRichardson🔌🔌🔌

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This was posted 11 September 2016. The date of the photo is not given but the LA location of Richardson Shop, a high end boutique, opened only recently.

The Ladies Who Lunch With The Ladies’ Man: Meeting Leonard Cohen – Ghent 2012


I fell for Leonard Cohen’s voice, music, lyrics and, of course, for his looks. I always found support and consolation in his songs.quotedown2

Mich Boecquaert


When Mich Boecquaert, a Leonard Cohen stalwart who attended her first concert in 1974 in Brussels, met with fellow Cohen fan Ingrid Van Daele for lunch in Ghent during the week of shows in that city that opened the 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour, neither expected the outing to include spending time with Mr Cohen himself.

Waiting for their table, they first noticed Mike Scoble striding in their direction. And treading in the wake of his Tour Manager was Leonard Cohen.

After the obligatory disbelief and anxiety subsided, Mich and Ingrid steeled themselves sufficiently to ask the man Bob Dylan called Kafka Of The Blues to autograph their self-designed t-shirts. Cohen not only complied but took the time to write a few words as well.

Mich elegantly characterizes the meeting in this way:

I still remember that I felt an enormous atmosphere of respect; we had respect for him of course but there was also great respect from him for us.

He’s such a lovely person.  We spent more than half an hour with him. It was the manager who told him that it was time to leave.

He bowed his head and said that he was honoured to meet us.


That’s Ms Van Daele in the first two photos and the final photo; the other shots feature Ms Boecquaert. The guy in the hat is Mr Cohen.