Brilliant Photos: The 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert Through The Lens Of Maarten Massa – Gallery 3

971441_10202096654202180_503503819_nPhotos by Maarten Massa. I’m especially taken with the shot of an ebullient Mitch Watkins previously posted at Mitch Watkins Joyfully Accepts “The Golden Fist of Marrakesh” – 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert. More shots from this concert can be found at Gallery 1 and Gallery 2


Mitch Watkins Joyfully Accepts “The Golden Fist of Marrakesh” – 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert


“[I handed] Mitch his guitar in the voice of a madman as ‘The Golden Fist of Marrakesh.’” Leif Bodnarchuk

The above photo of Mitch Watkins was taken by Maarten Massa at the Sept 20, 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert. That shot, especially when grouped with the photo below taken by Eugene McLaughlin and posted earlier at Photos From The Leonard Cohen Birmingham Concert: The Good Time Guys – Roscoe Beck & Mitch Watkins, makes a strong prima facie case that Mitch Watkins is happy being on tour with Leonard Cohen.


Credit Due Department: The Leif Bodnarchuk quote is from Old Ideas Tour — Sep 20, Amsterdam, posted Sept 21, 2013 at his Old Ideas Tour blog,

Photos: The Good Time Guys – Roscoe Beck & Mitch Watkins – At The 2013 Leonard Cohen Birmingham Concert


Warning: This Post Includes Graphic Depictions Of Hard Core Happiness

Eugene McLaughlin, who shot these photos, writes

Having attended a few Leonard Cohen shows now I know when and where to expect the laughs. However, there is definitely impromptu clowning around and genuine laughing.

In support of this hypothesis, Eugene offers these shots, taken at the Sept 8, 2013 Birmingham concert, of Roscoe Beck & Mitch Watkins, which may be the most joyful images ever seen onstage at a Leonard Cohen show.

Also see Eugene McLaughlin’s Brilliant Photos Of The 2013 Leonard Cohen Birmingham Concert


img_3765 img_3764

“Lyrics with unequaled depth & an incomparable voice of distinction” 2013 St John’s Review Gives Leonard Cohen Perfect Score, Docks Crowd 1 Star For Leaving Early



CROWD – There was a constant sense of love, excitement and fulfillment. The only negative of the whole evening was that many had left the building after 3.5 hours and missed the last 4 of the 7 encore selections.

From Leonard Cohen at Mile One – St. John’s Review by Alexander Chisholm. The Scene: April 25, 2013. Full review and photo gallery of the April 20, 2013 Leonard Cohen concert at Mile One Centre, St. John’s, NL  at link.

Dr Heck Note: The Review is hereby docked one start for confusing current guitarist Mitch Watkins with Bob Metzger, who previously toured with Leonard Cohen:

Following the lead laid down by the late Stevie Ray Vaughn, fellow Texan Bob Metzger nailed the album solo of “First We Take Manhattan”, resulting in the first standing ovation of the evening.

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tammigirl on : I know! People! You never leave until the lights go up! All the way up!

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