No-Smoking Alternative Album Covers For Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker

You Want It Darker – Original Cover

Since the first announcement of Leonard Cohen’s new album, You Want It Darker, there has been discussion about the cover art showing Leonard holding a cigarette. Even the album’s producer, Adam Cohen has weighed in, as has his dad, Leonard Cohen.

Now, Cohencentric offers, in addition to the already posted You Want It Healthier version, two more You Want It Darker alternative album covers.

First, for those who simply reject smoking altogether, there is Cohencentric’s now you see a cigarette, now you don’t model:

You Want It Darker
But Not So Smoky


You Want It Darker no-smoking album cover

And, for those who prefer a more affirmative, stop-smoking approach approach, Cohencentric, in conjunction with the Nicotine Patch Manufacturers Alliance, is proud to open this treatment’s product placement campaign with a specialty cover of Mr Cohen’s album.

You Want It Darker
But Not So Smoky
And Covered By National Health Insurance


You Want It Darker nicotine patch album cover

You Want It Darker Nicotine Patch Album Cover Close-up View



You Want It Darker nicotine patch album cover close-up

New & Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise – The Famous Blue Anorak


Leonard Cohen “Feels So Good” Clothing Line Releases “Jackets From The Road”

While Cohencentric’s New & Improved Merchandise clothing products have previously been limited to concert apparel such as the “I Unified Heart Leonard Cohen” and “Leonard Cohen’s Back – 2010” shirts shown below, negotiations with the Leonard Cohen organization to extend the line to sportswear have resulted in the formation of the new Feels So Good by Leonard Cohen label.

The inspiration for “Jackets From The Road” foul weather gear, the  initial apparel items bearing the new label,  can be discerned from the code name for the effort – The Weybridge Project.


The Leonard Cohen Weybridge Concert

The Feels So Good Ad Campaign

Perceptive fans have been taken with “Feels So Good,” one of the songs introduced during the recent Tour. It can now be revealed that this number is the keystone of the Feels So Good by Leonard Cohen marketing strategy. Audiences can, in fact, expect more directly commercial versions although thus far Mr Cohen has resisted DrHGuy’s suggested opening lines:

Feels so good
Not to wear that other crap, …

New & Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise

Information about the origin of the Cohencentric Leonard Cohen World Tour merchandising effort can be found at New & Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise: The Heart With A Companion (Pacemaker) T-shirt. All New & Improved Leonard Cohen promotional items developed by Cohencentric can be found at

Credit Due Department: A tip of the Cohencentric fedora to Christine Roberts for discovering this image of the jacket-clad singer-songwriter icon and to Tim Dale for alerting Cohencentric to its mercantile potential. The Weybridge photo is the work of dorsetbays.

Note: Originally posted Aug 29, 2010 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

New & Improved Alternative Cover For Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker: You Want It Healthier


Because so many fans have been distressed by the cigarette in Leonard Cohen’s hand on the cover of his new album, You Want It Darker (shown below), Cohencentric now offers the New & Improved alternative cover, You Want It Healthier (shown above).

Update: Find out what Leonard Cohen thinks of this alternative album cover at Leonard Cohen Explains Cigarette He’s Holding On His You Want It Darker Album Cover


Esther Park’s DIY Leonard Cohen Tour Jacket

CIMG3192Note: Originally posted Nov 17, 2009 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Esther Park Takes Matters In Her Own Hands, Patches Things Up

Dedicated Leonard Cohen fan Esther Park revealed that she had manifested that dedication by risking, if not life and limb, then fingertips and reputation to personally design and construct her own custom Leonard Cohen Tour jacket. Intrigued, I asked for details and received this response:

Here’s the (literally) darned jacket.  Got the patch from a black canvas LC tote bag that was available in the Spring US tour leg.  My husband and I shelled out for VIP seats at the April concert in Oakland…so with that bargain (ha!) we received 2 tote bags, 2 posters, 2 Live in London DVDs, etc, and as much as I loved having twin tote bags, I was really only using one of them.  Now a jacket with a patch – that I knew I would wear a lot, so I made the (painful) decision to CUT the patch off one of the tote bags. The horror. 


The things fans must do to get some LC merchandise.  Now, mind you, I don’t sew.  Really.  I am a person who would glue buttons on, if I could get away with it.  I discouraged my daughter from Girl Scouts, mainly because of the patch-sewing.  I considered using really good fabric glue (my heretofore best friend in these matters), but ultimately decided it had to be done right.  Totally uncharacteristic of me.  But hey, it’s Leonard Cohen! He brings out the best.  So I proceeded to sew this huge, unwieldy circular thing on, using the simple stitch I remembered from (probably) making a pillow in elementary school.  It wasn’t that bad actually.  It took HOURS, because I was freakishly obsessed with not making the stitches too visible.  I worked on it at every opportunity.  I sewed late at night.  I sewed in my parked car at my daughter’s sporting event, hoping other parents would think I was sewing a scouting or sports related patch for my child.  I don’t think any of the other parents walking by suspected it was actually a patch to further my fangirling over a 75 year old poet-singer who I would follow around the world, if not for the fact that I don’t want to miss any more of my daughter’s tennis matches.  This is my brilliant 8-year-old who, through mishearing, brought us these alternate lyrics to Dance Me to the End of Love: “Lift me like an olive branch and be my homework done.”  But I digress.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my handiwork.  Oh – forgot  to mention, I poked my fingers more than a few times.  Really could have used a Unified Heart thimble.

Leonard Cohen Local References Trading Cards – Collect Them, Trade Them With Your Friends

Card #1: Victoria, BC – Seagull Visits Leonard Cohen’s Hotel


Leonard Cohen Local References Trading Card #1 (front)

Regional Allusions Featured In Leonard Cohen Concert Stage Banter

When I asked Coco Éclair if there were any features at the March 6, 2013 Leonard Cohen  Victoria concert she attended, she responded that there were no new songs, acrobatics, or such, but there was a bit of stage banter about one of Victoria’s ubiquitous seagulls visiting Cohen’s windowsill, which was, as Ms Éclair parenthetically noted, “one of those ‘specific to the city where he is playing’ jokes.”

Indeed, the Canadian singer-songwriter’s stage presentation often includes a recognizable local reference to a specific location. Some, for example, have been to poets who lived or worked in the area, some to local customs  (e.g., locking a padlock on Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne), some to local foods…  In Victoria’s case, the allusion was to a bird – one on a windowsill rather than a wire.

It struck me that Mr Cohen’s seagull returning to that hotel in Victoria whenever he’s in town is just as notable as a batch of swallows vacationing every year in Capistrano and, certainly worth commemorating.  Thus was born …

The New & Improved Leonard Cohen Local References Trading Card

And #1 in the Leonard Cohen Local References Trading Card series honors that seagull that recurrently visits Leonard Cohen’s hotel whenever he plays Victoria.

Note: The seagull photo used for this card was found on the Webb Sisters” Facebook page. While it does depict a seagull on a windowsill of the hotel at which Leonard Cohen and his troupe resided during their stay in Victoria, there is no evidence this  specific bird is Leonard Cohen’s guardian seagull.  No animals or Canadian singer-songwriter-icons were harmed in the production of this trading card.

So, buy them, sell them, collect them all, trade them with your friends, play them, put them in the spokes of your bike …


Leonard Cohen Local References Trading Card #1 (back)

Text on back of card:

March 6, 2013: Leonard Cohen tells the Victoria Concert audience that whenever he comes to Victoria a seagull visits his hotel window. Further, he knows it is the same seagull each time because it is white with some grey. He goes on to say he fed the bird his breakfast – first his toast, then his eggs, then his iPad.

Note: Originally posted March 10, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric