Webb Sisters’ Roles On Tom Petty Tour: Dream Fulfillers & Behavior Modulators

Petty saw them play with Cohen and said, “it’s been a dream of mine” to work with them and that taking them on the tour “really makes the boys behave”

Excerpt from Concert Review: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Philips Arena By Megan Volpert (Atlanta INtown: April 28, 2017):

The gang also welcome two new backup singers, the Webb Sisters. Since 2008, English sibling duo Charley and Hattie had had the pleasure of working with dearly departed Leonard Cohen when he reemerged to tour again after a 15 year hiatus. Petty saw them play with Cohen and said, “it’s been a dream of mine” to work with them and that taking them on the tour “really makes the boys behave.” Their harp and guitar skills were not in evidence last night, but they did occasionally play tambourine in addition to contributing backing vocals for the entire set.

For video performances, see What Are The Webb Sisters Up To These Days?

Video: Leonard Cohen Recites, Webbs Sing If It Be Your Will – Oslo 2010


The Poems Of Leonard Cohen In Concert

Leonard Cohen’s recitations of :If It Be Your Will” have consistently been some of the most moving moments of the Leonard Cohen World Tour concerts. Cohen’s narration of “If It Be Your Will” is part of his introduction to the Webb Sisters’ presentation of the song, and the contrast in timbre and meter enhance the performances of both Cohen and the Webbs.

Leonard Cohen & Webb Sisters – If It Be Your Will
Oslo: Aug 6, 2010
Video from itriedtoleaveyou

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Photos: 2009 Leonard Cohen Chicago Rosemont Concert

P1000638The October 29, 2009 Chicago Rosemont Concert was marvelous for many reasons, including the premiere performance of “Feels So Good.” On a personal level, it was a never-to-be-forgotten event because I attended my first Leonard Cohen soundcheck and then met Leonard face to face for the first time before the show.  That experience is featured in these posts:

These photos were taken at the 2009 Rosemont show by Elizabeth Sweet,1 who proved to be not only an outstanding photographer but also a delight as my companion during this incredible adventure.



I am especially happy about the photo below of Javier Mas and Dino Soldo because (1) it captures the 17 nanoseconds of the show during which Dino Soldo was immobile. and (2) it demonstrates how commanding his presence can be even when he is stationary.




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  1. The Duchess and I are both taken with Lisa, an amazing woman who did her post-grad work in English Lit at Duke and now writes primarily about raising goats & permaculture skills. []

Brilliant Photos: The 2013 Leonard Cohen Wellington Concert Through The Lens Of Maarten Massa – Gallery 2

well24Photos by Maarten Massa. More shots from this concert can be found at Leonard Cohen, Wellington NZ – December 17 2013: Gallery 1


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