“[Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker] is marked by astonishing verbal acuity and a high-def philosophical clarity that coalesces into a kind of metaphysical calligraphy carved in stone by the Old Testament prophet gravitas of his voice”

From Tonite: Like A Bird On A Wire by Jonathan Valania (Phawker: May 18th, 2017). The entire post, partly a review of You Want It Darker and partly a lament on the loss of Leonard Cohen in the time of Trump, is available at the link.

Leonard Cohen On You Want It Darker “I’m a captive, I’ve got no other purpose or mission. This is my message, this is my last message.”

drk800Quoted by Adam Cohen in Leonard Cohen’s son Adam jokes about father while accepting Juno on his behalf by David Friend (CTV News: April 1, 2017)

“For our moment, for our time, Leonard Cohen looked into the deepest abyss of the self and reached back for all of us”


It’s not fun to talk about death. None of us want to consider a world without ourselves, or worse, without someone we love or look up to. That’s alright: you’re not supposed to because you have to get up in the morning and go to work and keep with the grand task of moving forward so that there is a world beyond us, one to inherit one day by someone who you’ll never meet, whose experiences will be so foreign to you that you might not recognize them as being like you. But there is Leonard Cohen. I use the present tense because, even though he has died at age eighty-two, neither we nor him are done with one another. There are hard lessons about aging and dying and living on You Want It Darker that we’re not going to ever be done with until we either cure death or forget Leonard Cohen. At the moment, neither seems likely.quotedown2


From Sound Takes: You Want it Darker by Amish Trivedi (The Rumpus: March 9th, 2017). The entire review is available at the link. Highly recommended.

Baby, I’ve Been Here Before: Leonard Cohen Garners Four Posthumous Juno Award Nominations


2017 Juno Award Nominations:

  • Album of the Year: Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker
  • Artist of the Year: Leonard Cohen
  • Songwriter of the Year: Leonard Cohen “You Want It Darker,” “It Seemed the Better Way,” “Traveling Light”
  • Adult Alternative Album of the Year: Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker


Previous Leonard Cohen Juno Awards

1991: Juno/Canadian Music Hall of Fame
1993: Male Vocalist Of The Year1
1993: Best Video2
1994: Songwriter of the Year
2013: Artist of the Year
2013: Songwriter Of The Year3
2015: Album Of The Year4

Note; In addition to these awards, Leonard Cohen has received numerous nominations

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  1. Male & Female Vocalists Of The Year are now subsumed under the title Artist Of The Year []
  2. For Closing Time, directed by Curtis Wehrfritz []
  3. For the songs “Amen”, “Going Home” and “Show Me the Place” []
  4. For Popular Problems []

Leonard Cohen’s “You Want It Darker… was like someone transcendently singing the prayer for ascension at his own funeral” Review By Shefa Siegel


[Leonard Cohen] sang the blues with Old World struggle, rasped epic tales and sometimes gospel, strumming Spanish chords on a broken-down guitar. But his final album, You Want It Darker, released a month after his 82nd birthday and only 17 days before he passed away, was like someone transcendently singing the prayer for ascension at his own funeral. As if chanting a private liturgy, there was no more hunger for a voice. At last Cohen was the praise singer, aged and fatigued, a pilgrim with just one journey left to make. From the opening supplication—“I’m ready, my lord”—to the closing blessing—“It’s over now, the water and the wine”—the album is an uninterrupted prayer unto death.quotedown2


A Final Surrender to a Sacred Undertow: You Want It Darker, by Leonard Cohen. Columbia by Shefa Siegel (Sojourners: February 2017). The entire thoughtful, well written review is available at the link now but may disappear behind a paywall soon.