Video: Complete Leonard Cohen Plaque Dedication Ceremony Chelsea Hotel

pvidNote: A report on the unveiling and a more succinct video of the ceremony can be found at Unveiling Of Plaque Commemorating 75th Birthday Of Chelsea Hotel Resident Leonard Cohen + Video

From the onsite description of the video:

To commemorate Leonard Cohens 75th birthday and his song Chelsea Hotel 2, tender memories of his love for Janis Joplin, a gilded plaque was raised on the front of Manhattan’s famed Chelsea Hotel, where Leonard and Janis used to live. 300 members of the Leonard Cohen forum contributed to fund this plaque, and some of them assembled at the Chelsea on October 23, 2009 to unveil it, to meet each other, and to take photographs.

Included in this video are Cohenist Dick Straub, who initiated the plaque project, his wife Linda, Leonard’s vibrant sister Esther, Leonard’s manager, Robert Kory, John Lissauer, his producer, Dylan biographer and Cohen liner notes author, Larry Ratso Sloman, the new manager of the Chelsea, David Elder, who hosted the event and supplied the buffet.

The Chelsea is a landmark at 222 W.23 st in Manhattan, once known for its bohemian atmosphere and roster of famous artists who have passed through.

Included in the video is a video tour of the portions of the hotel of interest to Cohen fans and a rendition of Chelsea Hotel #2 by Leonard Cohen.

Video from Thelma Blitz

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