Leonard Cohen And The Saga Of Rafael Gayol


Leonard Cohen introduces drummer Rafael Gayol

Leonard Cohen’s Epic Introduction Of Rafael Gayol

Leonard Cohen’s in-concert introductions of  drummer Rafael Gayol have become progressively more elaborate and complex to the point that they are now less a standard acknowledgment of a band member than a recitation of a Homeric tale.

The most recent Gayol intro, narrated by Leonard Cohen at the November 24, 2010 Perth Concert, is also the most detailed, eventful, and lurid of the lot (thus far):

A sculptor of silence. Laying it down, bringing it home, putting it to bed, clipping its toenails, smothering it with a pillow, going to jail, joining the Aryan Brotherhood, later converting to Judaism, later losing his faith, spending the remainder of his days working in a half-way house for destroyed vegetarians … the Regent of Restraint, the Prince of Passionate Precision, Rafael Bernardo Gayol!

While no video of  “Anthem” as performed at Perth has yet surfaced yet, this recording from the Adelaide show offers a sense of this production.

Leonard Cohen – Anthem
Adelaide: Nov 18, 2010
Video from alanm5049


Update: The Even More Epic Version Of The Saga Of Rafael Gayol

An even more extensive and elaborate introduction of Rafael Gayol has been offered up by Leonard Cohen at the December 5, 2010 Oakland concert:

On the drums, like any great drummer,
a sculptor of silence, laying it down,
bringing it home, putting it to bed,
clipping its toenails,
tucking it in, kissing it goodnight,
smothering it with a pillow,
arrested and sent to prison,
recruited by the Aryan brotherhood,
disillusioned by the uneven quality of their tattoos,
converting to Judaism,
disillusioned once again,
spending his final days in a halfway house for broken vegetarians,
the prince, the priest, the poet of precision,
Rafael Bernardo Gayol

Leonard Cohen Anthem
Oakland: Dec 5, 2010
Video cued to Rafael Gayol introduction.
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Credit Due Department: The text of the Gayol intro was provided by dce at LeonardCohenForum

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  1. lance

    Last night, in Victoria BC, Rafael reported left the Aryan Brotherhood out of disgust over uneven tattoos – the saga builds.