Photos, Videos, Audio Of Leonard Cohen PEN New England Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence Award


  • This Post: Above: A happy Leonard Cohen accepts the first  PEN New England Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence Award Ceremony. Below: Shawn Colvin performs Leonard Cohen’s “Come Healing.” Both photos by Taylor Hill.
  • Videos:
    • Update: Maarten Massa has uploaded a video of the complete program:

Bonus: Who Was There, Who Sent Messages

  • Notables Present At The Ceremony included
    • Leonard Cohen
    • Chuck Berry
    • Salman Rushdie
    • Paul Simon
    • Caroline Kennedy
    • Al Kooper
    • Keith Richards
    • Elvis Costello
    • Shawn Colvin
    • Tom Perrotta
    • Bill Flanagan
    • Peter Wolf
    • Asa Brebner
    • Peter Guralnick
  • Notables MIA included
    • Bono1
    • Roseanne Cash2
    • Bob Dylan3

Credit Due Department: Photo by Michael Borkson. Used under Creative Commons license. Found at Wikipedia Commons.

  1. Writing songs in South America []
  2. Celebrating what would have been her father’s 80th birthday; sent a letter saying that if Cohen had only written the one line — “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” — he’d have been worthy of the honor []
  3. Sent letter of congratulations: “To Chuck, the Shakespeare of rock and roll, congratulations on your award, that’s what too much monkey business will get ya . . . and give my regards to Leonard Cohen, the Kafka of the blues, and Lord Byron Keith if he shows up.” []