Songs From A Tour – A Collection Of Special Songs From The 2008-2013 Leonard Cohen Tours


Rarities, Variations, Revivals, & Teasers

During the 2008-2013 tours, Leonard Cohen introduced new songs he had composed, played covers of songs written by others, revived songs he hadn’t performed in concerts for many years, and presented some of his standards in variations that were distinct from previous versions. Some of the tracks from these categories were offered in the two previous Cohencentric collections, The Other Leonard Cohen Album and Another Other Leonard Cohen Album, but many others have become available since those were issued.

Selections from this unreleased material have now been gathered into Songs From A Tour, a delightful sampler of  fascinating songs performed by Leonard Cohen.

Tracklist: Songs From A Tour

  1. A Singer Must Die (Sligo: July 31, 2010)
  2. Choices (Mannheim: June 28, 2013)
  3. Feels So Good (Lissadell: July 31, 2010)
  4. I Can’t Forget (London: September 8, 2012)
  5. I’ve Got a Little Secret (London: September 15, 2013)
  6. Light as the Breeze (Ghent: August 14, 2012)
  7. Night Comes On (Lisbon: October 7, 2012)
  8. Save The Last Dance For Me (Odense: August 17,  2013)
  9. The Guests (Madrid: October 5, 2012)
  10. Coming Back To You (Wembley Arena: September 8, 2012)
  11. The Gypsy’s Wife (Madrid: October 5, 2012)
  12. Closing Time – No, No, No (Pula: August 2, 2013)

Bonus Set

These Bonus songs are too intriguing not to be included but because of the conditions under which they were recorded, they require more attention and effort on the part of the listener.

  1. Banks Of Marble (Pula Soundcheck: August 2, 2013)
  2. Don’t Want to Break No Window aka Blues Jam (Pula Soundcheck: August 2, 2013)
  3. Field Commander Cohen (Ghent Soundcheck: 2012)
  4. Joan of Arc (Portland: November 12, 2012)
  5. La Manic (Quebec: December 2, 2012)
  6. My Oh My (Ghent Soundcheck: August 22,  2010)
  7. So Long, Marianne (Cap Roig: August 16, 2009)
  8. The Stranger Song (Ghent Soundcheck: August 21, 2010)

Note: In the original post, The Stranger Song (Ghent Soundcheck: August 21, 2010) was incorrectly  listed as The Stranger Song (Pula Soundcheck: August 2, 2013) on the liner notes and on the MP3 tag. The current download, “Songs From A Tour(r2).zip,” provides the correct information.

 Information About The Songs

Commentary on the tracks as well as the date and venue of the  performance of each  song is included in the download.

Cover Art

The album art atop this post is, of course,  based on Leonard Cohen’s second album, Songs From A Room.



The final song selections were made by messalina79 with notable assistance from Hermitage Prisoner, who also tracked down and prepared many of the music files. messalina79 also compiled the liner notes. DrHGuy put together the cover art, organized the two part tracklist, and arranged distribution.

Downloading The Collection

1. Right-click on the following link and then choose “Open link in new window” or “Open link in new tab” to open the download service page in a new window or tab (left clicking on the link may open the download service page in this same window; in that case, click the “Back” arrow on your browser to return to this post):

Download: Songs From A Tour(r2).zip

2. On the download service page that opens, click on this image:


On the context menu that then opens, choose “Save File.”

3. Unzip (extract) the downloaded file, “Songs From A Tour(r2).zip”  The zip file will produce

  • About Songs From A Tour.rtf , which includes the tracklists, liner notes, and other information about the collection.
  • Songs From A Tour Cover Art.jpg
  • Songs From A Tour – CD 1: A folder with the MP3 files of the primary collection
  • Songs From A Tour – Bonus: A folder with the MP3 files of the bonus collection

4. The MP3 files can be used in iPods and other MP3 players. Each MP3 file is also tagged with the name of the song, the artist (Leonard Cohen), the album title (Songs From A Tour), the date and venue of the performance, and the cover art.  The files can also be burned onto an audio CD.

3 Replies to “Songs From A Tour – A Collection Of Special Songs From The 2008-2013 Leonard Cohen Tours”

  1. V. Lynn

    Wonderful collection. GREAT cover. I love how all the songs already have the dates and locations in the title instead of in the ‘Notes” – nice to look and see where and when the song was recorded. Thanks so much.