Indifference: Leonard Cohen’s Cologne Concept

The recent republication of story of Leonard Cohen healing Sean Dixon’s cat1 not only led to an enthusiastic reception by readers but also brought to mind another post based on a Leonard Cohen anecdote Sean shared. Leonard Cohen & The Sweet Smell Of Indifference first appeared on this site in March 2010.

Marketing Proposal:
Leonard Cohen Fragrance

When last we heard from Sleep66 aka Sean Dixon, she was recounting the story that has already become a classic and has been immortalized for the benefit of future generations of Leonard Cohen fans as the post entitled Leonard Cohen Heals Hank The Cat.

Now, in response to a DrHGuy’s query, she reports the following:

Leonard once told me he was going to come out with his own cologne. It was going to be called “Indifference,” and its slogan was going to be “I don’t give a shit what happens”

The Indifference Ad

This entrepreneurial vision is so perfectly congruent with Cohencentric’s fundamental principles that its only downside may be the difficulty of convincing folks that it really, literally, factually, seriously, I’m not kidding around (this time) originated with Leonard Cohen rather than DrHGuy.2

Since the Cohen corporate machinery seems absorbed by other matters, the Heck Of A Guy Creative Department has stepped into the breach to construct the prototype ad for Indifference,3 the first entry in the new Leonard Cohen Cologne line.4

tumblr_kyr8vdcr4d1qz7g6ko1_500-scaled500-scaled500Available wherever New & Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise is sold.

Updates: Now there’s The Nevermind TV Ad For Leonard Cohen’s Indifference Cologne. Also see Bob Dylan And Leonard Cohen Back Congruent Cologne Concepts


  1. See Leonard Cohen Heals Hank The Cat []
  2. Implicit in this similarity of ideas emanating from Leonard Cohen and DrHGuy is the inescapable conclusion that there is a small but detectable DrHGuyness component in Leonard Cohen’s makeup – scary thought, eh? []
  3. For the graphics-impaired, the ad reads “Indifference – When I want her to know … I don’t give a shit what happens. Viva la Indifférence []
  4. In anticipation of the successful release of Indifference, Sean and DrHGuy have begun planning future entries to build the Leonard Cohen fragrance line. For example, the street crowd might go for the colloquial overtones of Who Cares and So What while the average middle class can’t-take-a-risk suburbanite might feel most comfortable with Apathy (as if I cared). For the ex-frat rat who just signed on as a broker at his uncle’s Wall Street firm, we have Cavalier. That brooding, introspective hipster wannabe with the paperback copy of “No Exit” stuffed into his hip pocket? He gets Anhedonia. His little brother who’s into grunge? Numb, of course. But for the way cool, DrHGuy sort of dude, the only acceptable brand has to be Insouciance. []

One Reply to “Indifference: Leonard Cohen’s Cologne Concept”

  1. Vicki Woodyard

    I love Leonard Cohen so much that I am hard at work creating my own cologne. It will be called Leonard Cohen, In Deference. Before his next tour, from my keyboard to God’s Ear, all of us, both male and female will have purchased this Oh, de cologne! and put dabs of it wherever we are prone to dab. So when Leonard makes his appearance on stage, as he smiles at the audience, he will be overwhelmed at the scent of deference to his work. And of course, roses will be tossed, photos taken and I, well, let’s just say that if this works, Leonard will be so taken with all of us that he will decide to marry all of us. There will be a ceremony in which all of us are One and we honeymoon on Hydra.