Exclusive Photos: Leonard Cohen, Dominique Issermann, & Robert Kory – Paris January 16, 2012

Dominique Issermann

db-dominique-issermann-900-scaled1000While Leonard Cohen rarely takes third place in a DrHGuy post, when I received these photos Dominique BOILE forwarded from the Jan 16, 2012 Paris event1 promoting Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas album (please do not reproduce photos without permission of photographer), I was most taken with the striking, rarely captured shot of Dominique Issermann seen atop this post.

This brief biography is from Ykone:

… Dominique Isserman made her photography debut at 26. She began working with Zoom magazine doing celebrity profiling. Known for the delicacy of her portraits, the young artist slowly became a prominent figure on the style scene … Among others, Chanel, Christian Dior, Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent were all impressed with Dominique’s work and signed her to shoot their campaigns. In 1987, Dominique was awarded the equivalent of an Oscar in fashion photography. Afterwards, she went on to work with countless fashion magazines, including Vogue, US Cosmopolitan and New York Magazine.

Leonard Cohen fans may know that he and Dominique were romantically involved in the 1980s and that she has continue to photograph him.

Robert Kory

db-rk-ed-900-scaled1000And, this photo of Leonard Cohen’s business manager, Robert Kory, equipped with cigar and drink and posed against the night sky of Paris, presents an image that is somehow precisely right.

Leonard Cohen

db-lc-ed-900-scaled1000More photos from this event can be found at


  1. This is a re-posting of a Jan 17, 2012 entry from the DrHGuy.com site []

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