The “Have To See It To Believe It” Quentin Tarantino-Leonard Cohen Video: Dance Me To The End Of Love


The Dance Me To The End Of Love music video starring Quentin Tarantino is regularly discovered by fans of Tarantino and Leonard Cohen (I first posted about it February 20, 2007). Its sole attribute (beyond the fact that it’s a music video for an outstanding Leonard Cohen song) is that it stars Quentin Tarantino as an – let’s go with as an ambivalent groom, which is certainly reason enough to justify watching it, but not enough to prevent a few snickers during the viewing (see Summary below).

In the name of full disclosure, I confess to having watched this video many, many times, perversely enjoying the spectacle every time. Go figure.


231To applause on the soundtrack, two kids run along the beach and then perform a Twilight Zone sort of picture frame twirl …


… that dissolves to a wedding night set in motel room (The Las Vegas Inn – Hourly Rate $15).

In case the viewer misses the cultural reference of the groom carrying the bride into the room – both times it’s carried out, another clue is provided.

There are lots of mirrors reflecting mirror images reflecting … (I wouldn’t have expected so many mirrors in a cheap room, but it is Las Vegas).

Quentin is briefly naked.
The bride nearly kisses herself in one of those mirrors.

The screen flickers often. Bride and groom stare into space quite a bit. Then the groom is encased in chains (subtle symbolism, eh?).

It rains. Quentin watches TV while wearing handcuffs (Alas, this appears to be some kind of symbolism segue from the previous scene rather than honeymoon hijinks).

Bride and groom dance the Junior High shuffle.

A small statue shows up sporadically and is, no doubt, chock full of significance.


Some preliminary lovey-dovey stuff occurs in bed. The bride’s climax is indicated, I think, by her gripping the bedspread, although she may just be looking for the TV remote.


Those kids scamper across the beach to another round of applause.


About The Video

Co-written by Quentin Tarantino (who also co-starred) and Aaron A. Goffman (who also directed) with music by Leonard Cohen, Dance Me To The End Of Love is officially a short film (6 minutes). Released Oct 27, 1995, Dance Me To The End Of Love was filmed in Glendale CA by A-Acme Film Works. (Source: IMDb)

Aaron Goffman has served as production designer and art director for many TV shows such as CSI: New York and, it seems, for every commercial every made.

Other Cast:
Sylvia Binsfeld – Bride
Nick Rafter – Groom in Chains
Laura Bradley – Girl
Marc Anthony-Reynolds – Boy

Dance Me To The End Of Love