Neil Larsen Releasing New Album: Forlana

Forlana-FinalBest known to Leonard Cohen fans as “the foremost exponent of the Hammond B3,” Neil Larsen, keyboardist for the 2008-2013 Cohen tours, has a long Pre-Cohen history with as a composer, arranger and musical director as well as keyboard player. He has 6 solo albums, has performed on over 200 albums, and toured, played in the studio, and composed for several top R&B, jazz, blues and pop performers, including Foghat, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band,Gregg Allman, Cher, Jimmy Cliff, Randy Newman, Carly Simon,George Harrison, Doctor John,B.B. King,Rickie Lee Jones, and many others.

Neil’s first album in 8 years, ‘Forlana’ contains 10 new songs that feature him playing organ and piano, as well as trumpet, saxophone, oboe, trombone and a variety of other instruments.  Touching on R&B, jazz & world music, this is a unique project, destined to be a cornerstone in Neil’s discography.


  1. Flying By
  2. Brother Joe
  3. Mere LaRue
  4. Winter Glow
  5. Islamorada
  6. Forlana
  7. Satellite Beach
  8. City Blue
  9. At the Sunset Royale
  10. Pastoral

To listen to samples and to find more information about the album, go to Neil Larsen – Forlana

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