Best Bootlegs: Leonard Cohen December 2, 2010 Vancouver Concert

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High Quality Recording Of A World Tour Concert That Made The Audience & Leonard Cohen Happy

Leonard Cohen’s beaming aspect at this show resulted in this heading appearing in a Heck Of A Guy post:

Happiness Is Opening Your Concert In Vancouver
– If These Photos Of Leonard Cohen Are Indicative


The Leonard Cohen 2010 Vancouver Concert was indeed lauded not only by fans but also by critics.  The sentiments in this excerpt from “For one more night in Vancouver, Leonard Cohen is our man” by Marsha Lederman (Globe and Mail  Friday, Dec. 03, 2010) are representative:

In his trademark fedora, dark suit and bolo tie, Cohen offered his lyrical take on the facts of life: holy doves moving, events at the Chelsea Hotel on an unmade bed. Often on his knees, eyes closed, hand held up to his face, Cohen filled the arena with gravelly strains of aural sex. If he ached in the places where he used to play, he had the audience fooled.

… But never did Cohen appear to be mailing it in. The guy put the “pro” in “profound,” performing songs he has sung hundreds – thousands – of times with a vigour so genuine that they never felt tired.

The recording was the work of seth01 (Seth Meister), who explains one lesser known reason for the quality of the taping:

I was very, very concerned about going to this show and almost didn’t buy the very expensive tickets as I couldn’t see how the sound quality would possibly be any good in such a large venue with this type of a musician. A friend of mine had seen Cohen in this very venue a year previous and told me that it was one of the best shows he had ever seen. I respected his opinion highly as he’s an avid live music fan with a lot of experience.

Well, little did I know that Mark Vreeken (the long time soundman for the iconic Canadian band The Tragically Hip) was doing sound for this show. I thought he had retired but apparently was coaxed out of retirement by Cohen to do one more tour… and how could he resist? If I had known I wouldn’t have doubted for an instance. Cohen and Vreeken make for a perfect symbiotic relationship and it all culminates in my tape for your enjoyment.

Concert Details

lc-van front

Track List: Leonard Cohen Dec 2, 2010 Vancouver Concert

Set 1

Dance Me to the End of Love
The Future
There Ain’t No Cure for Love
Bird on a Wire
Everybody Knows
My Secret Life
Guitar Instrumental by Javier Mas
Who By Fire
I Caught the Darkness
First We Take Manhattan
Chelsea Hotel
Waiting for the Miracle

Set 2

Tower of Song
The Singer Must Die
Sisters of Mercy
Gypsy Wife
The Partisan
Boogie Street
I’m Your Man
One Thousand Kisses Deep
Take This Waltz


So Long Marianne
If It Be Your Will
Closing Time

Musicians: Leonard Cohen Dec 2, 2010 Vancouver Concert

Leonard Cohen – vocals, guitar, keyboard
Roscoe Beck – musical director, stand up bass, electric bass, background vocals
Neil Larsen – keyboards, Hammond B3, accordion, brass instruments
Bob Metzegr – guitar, pedal steel guitar, vocals
Javier Mas – bandurria, laud, archilaud and 12-string guitar
Rafael Gayol – drums, percussion
Dino Soldo – keyboard, saxophone, wind instruments, mouth harp, background vocals
Sharon Robinson – lead vocals, background vocals
Charley and Hattie Webb – background vocals, harp (Hattie), guitar (Charley) and gymnastics

LC van back

Download Information

Note: This and other downloads of unreleased Leonard Cohen songs are listed at Cohencentric – Audio Downloads

The files are MP3s with a sample rate of 224 kbps. The majority of the files are downloaded as individual files directly from the site rather than through a service such as RapidShare. Ten of the songs, however, must be downloaded from either the 4Shared or Megaupload site; these files are well marked and links to the download services are provided. Regardless of the download site, none of the songs requireso codes or extraction (i.e., the files are MP3s, not zip or rar). The files are not DRM-protected; consequently, they should play without problems in iPods and most other MP3 players. They can also be burned onto a CD.

On this site, downloads are available for a limited time only. The downloads were working when I checked just prior to publishing this post. I have no way of knowing how much longer this will be be case.

Be aware that these files have names which are variations of “LCAvanxx.mp3″ where xx = the track number. When loaded into an MP3 player, the tracks will be listed as “xx title” where xx = the track number and title = well, the song’s title (e.g., the file “LCAvan03.mp3” when read by a MP3 player becomes “03 The Future”).  Other tag information (e.g., name of artist, name of album, etc) and the album art are not embedded in the file, but must be added manually if desired. Cover art is available on the download page.  This is not an uncommon practice and requires only a modest – and at least in this case, well-compensated – investment of time and effort to copy and paste the information in the correct slots.

The files from this concert can be downloaded at the Big O Audio Archive – Leonard Cohen Vancouver 2010.



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