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“I’m Your Man” Is Back Online

The 2006 Leonard Cohen documentary, “I’m Your Man,” by Lian Lunson (for information about the film, see Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man – The Joys and Frustrations Of A Tribute Concert-Documentary) has been intermittently available online.  I’ve discovered that Hulu currently offers the film.

The Bad News:  The movie is interrupted by commercials. The frequency and length  of the commercials seem reasonable to me, and seem a  but commercials are the price one pays for this version of the documentary.

Update: In the “Bad News” category, this video is blocked in some countries (e.g., Belgium & France)

The Good News: The presentation by Hulu is high quality,1 even when the picture is expanded to the full screen view.2


  1. The quality of ones internet connection directly impacts the quality of the video []
  2. Expand the size of the viewing area by clicking on the double-headed arrow at the lower right of the screen. []

One Reply to “Watch The Leonard Cohen Documentary “I’m Your Man” – Complete, Free, & Online”

  1. Frances

    I saw this documentary before. It is ‘EXCELENT’! Thank you for posting it. It will be good to watch it again. I loved it.