Leonard Cohen On Anjani’s “voice drop[ping] from her throat to her heart”

I knew Anjani [Thomas] as a studio singer, and she would always do exactly what was appropriate to whatever song she was working on. She worked very quickly. Pitch perfect. But I never thought of her as a soul singer, as a heart singer. At a certain moment, her voice dropped from her throat to her heart. I heard it. I asked her to sing a song I wrote on my last record, and she sang it in her studio voice. I said—I don’t remember what I said, I thought I was Cecil B. DeMille for a second—but apparently I said the right thing. She sang and the next tape had that voice you hear on Blue Alert. That’s when the revelation began for her. And you know, you’re reluctant to acknowledge real excellence, you don’t want to make anything of it, you’ve got various fears…but this was irresistible.”quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

A Teacher of the Heart: Leonard Cohen Shares the Wealth by Pat McGuire (Filter Magazine. June 26, 2007)

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