Video: Leonard Cohen’s Poignant Recall Of Marianne & Hydra


Leonard Cohen Reminisces About Hydra And Marianne

This video consists of many scenes of Hydra which frame two brief clips from different interviews with Cohen, both of which focus on him meeting Marianne and living together on the island, all set against the music of “So Long Marianne.”

While the amount of information provided is small,1 Leonard Cohen’s wistfulness is impressively conveyed, especially in the second section that ends with his summary,

I met a girl and I stayed for eight or ten years.

Yeah, that’s the way it was in those days.

I hold that the key to this video is Leonard Cohen’s facial expression when he speaks; it’s a delivery that strikingly belies his self-description, “I’m not a very nostalgic person.”2

Leonard on Marianne

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  1. For more historic detail about the years Leonard Cohen shared with Marianne, see Leonard Looks Back On The Past, An Interview with Leonard Cohen by Kari Hesthamar, Los Angeles, 2005. []
  2. From the I’m Your Man documentary []

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