Leonard Cohen Album Logos: Hummingbird, Heart, & Handcuffs On Special Recording Issues

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Go Figure – Special Numbering System For The Spanish (Somewhat) Limited Edition Of Leonard Cohen’s The Future

Unsurprisingly, the hummingbird, heart, & handcuffs logo shows up on the cover of the Spanish (Somewhat) Limited Edition Of Leonard Cohen’s The Future displayed above. More surprising is the numbering. Dominique BOILE writes:

This CD is quite strange. According to the LeonardCohenFiles, it is part of a “limited edition of 100 numbered copies.” Francisco Javier Lopez Sanchez notes on eBay that “only 300 copies are pressing.” Of those, I own numbers 51 and 52 – and numbers 372, 742, and 756.

Note: Originally posted October 16, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

The Future Promotional Single (Radio Edit)


Spanish Closing Time 7″ vinyl 1 side Promo (1992)

spanishclosingtimeBack Cover Of Be For Real

b4rbk b4rfont

Leonard Cohen X2: The Future & Ten New Songs

front backx2Leonard Cohen 3 CD Set: Death Of A Ladies Man, Recent Songs, & The Future



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