Good Enough Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Hallelujah – Munich 1993


I did not come all this way to the city of Munich just to fool you

This audience recording of the 1993 Leonard Cohen Munich Concert is not pristine. The camera is a bit shaky and not quite in focus. And the sound is imperfect. Nonetheless, the vitality of the performance and the enthusiasm of the audience is readily apparent. This is, in short, a Good Enough Video.1

future-1993Album Logo Note: As we’ve previously discussed, the 1993 Tour in support of The Future album featured the album’s Hummingbird, Heart, & Handcuffs logo. In this video, for example, it is the flickering image seen near the start and it is displayed on Leonard Cohen’s shirt.

munichumHallelujah – 1993 Leonard Cohen Munich Concert

From the YouTube description: Leonard Cohen at Circus Krone, Munich, Germany – May 28, 1993. After a number of encores, Leonard returns to the stage and sings an impassioned and emotional Hallelujah to a very appreciative audience to end the show. The performance includes a beautiful guitar solo by Bob Metzger. As he leaves the stage Leonard says “God bless you, and good night.”

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah
Circus Krone, Munich: May 28, 1993
Video from SighsNorth (aka Linda Sturgess)

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Linda Sturgess, who uploaded the video, provided the generous description, and alerted me that it was online.


  1. The Good Enough Video is a notion that I, of course, derived from Donald Winicott’s Good Enough Mother. Just as Winicott used Good Enough Mother to indicate “the ordinary and devoted mother who provides an adequate and good enough environment for the growth of the infant’s ego to be able to express its true self,” (Source: Psychological Dictionary) I employ Good Enough Video to describe videos that are less than immaculate but are of sufficient caliber to convey the quality of the performance to the viewer. []