Write A Funny Caption For This Photo, Win A Print Of It Autographed By Leonard Cohen


The Cohencentric Photo Caption Contest

The above photo of Leonard Cohen taken July 11, 2015 by Kezban Özcan proved spectacularly popular when posted on this and other sites almost a month ago. A second wave of interest developed consequent to the Aug 1, 2015 publication of my inner dialog-enhanced version of the shot (displayed below).


That ostensibly humorous graphic led Esther Park to observe that “This could become a huge thing – like ‘Texts from Hilary.” and another reader, Nicole, to propose an alternative caption (displayed below).


Despite retaking the “Which musical artist do you most resemble” quiz twice, Leonard Cohen’s result remains “Madonna”

So now, with an assist from Kezban, we are proud to announce the Cohencentric Leonard Cohen Photo Caption Contest.

Come up with a caption for this photo that makes me giggle like a schoolgirl, and I’ll post it at Cohencentric.com to earn worldwide admiration and acclaim, trigger waves of cosmic joyfulness, and inspire Leonard Cohen’s next album.

And there’s more: The best entry will receive a print of the original photo signed by Leonard Cohen.

The contest rules can be found at Cohencentric Leonard Cohen Photo Caption Contest: Rules

See samples of caption entries at


37 Replies to “Write A Funny Caption For This Photo, Win A Print Of It Autographed By Leonard Cohen”

  1. Sir B

    “My fan page seems to be going well… Now they wanna guess my thoughts when I hold my phone.. “

  2. Un Danois errant

    “Now my phone is dead
    And my hats are gone
    I need to get new ones
    Cause they make me look so strong
    But I’m lazy today
    And Allan Showalter comes by
    To drink a little coffee
    And to make us all smile”

  3. Lesley Brookman

    I can’t find those new lyrics, they must be in the cloud, but it’s a real sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, I knew I should have used that old cigarette packet!

  4. Lynne Cassidy

    Speech balloon: “No Bob I’m telling your for the thousandth time, I will not write a song for you! Goodbye!”

  5. Niv

    I think this one will make me the winner of the 20th anniversary LOGO Design competition of THE L C FILES,
    Wow, I much win one of the great prizes.

  6. Tina Horkan

    “Where ,where is my gypsy wife tonight” – what a time for the phone battery to go flat-

  7. Alan Mawhinney

    I can’t forget, but I can’t remember Allan Showalter.

    (Are we allowed 2 entries?)

  8. Berreur Théo

    “I’m sentimental, if you know what I mean
    I love the country but I can’t stand the scene.
    And I’m neither left or right
    I’m just staying home tonight,
    getting lost in that hopeless little screen.”

  9. noga

    And she gave me potatoes of the night will be my next song. Thanks Billy Connelly I will have to go to Dublin for more inspiration to write this one.

  10. noga

    And she gave me potatoes of the night. Thanks Billy Connelly, I will go to Dublin for more inspiration to write this one.

  11. Guenther

    “Gonna find me another ringtone – I’m fed up with my aching knees while phoning since I’ve been using Roshis Gong …”

    (Greetings from Austria and Good Luck for the competition!)

  12. Bea

    Caption: ” How on earth can I get rid of this Hallelujah ring tone, that came for free with the phone?”

  13. Clementine

    “Oh yes: ‘Lord it’s hard to be humble’; That’s a great anthem for the most self-deprecating hero in showbiz. We’ll finish all our offerings with this song on the next world tour – starting soon!”