Cohencentric Leonard Cohen Photo Caption Contest Entry Sampler

Three entries in the Cohencentric Photo Caption Contest (and one offering of my own) follow. For those interested in trends, the most popular motifs so far are “tea & oranges,” “Marita Please find me I am almost ___,” and variations on “My Oh My.” Information about the contest can be found at Write A Funny Caption For This Photo, Win Copy Autographed By Leonard Cohen. See more caption entries at

martinentryAuthor: Martin Ferrabee


CANCELLED ORDER: Items: Rags and feathers
REASON FOR CANCELLATION: Found cheaper elsewhere

 Author: Ian Stewart

memeAuthor: Cassandra Bullis

lc-thinks-cheetos2Author: DrHGuy (No, I can’t win my own contest; I just think this is funny)

2 Replies to “Cohencentric Leonard Cohen Photo Caption Contest Entry Sampler”

  1. Peter Danielsen


    How the heck do one spell G_D in black Hebrew gibberish?
    I what I am, and what I am is back on boogie street!

  2. Bernadet Serrarens

    Allan, herewith my caption for the Leonard Cohen Photo.

    What a “sister act” on this web.