Calling On Leonard Cohen & Kezban: The Cat, The Cane, The Conversation


A couple of days before this posting, the Duchess & I spent a sunny Los Angeles afternoon with Leonard Cohen and his personal assistant, Kezban Özcan. While the conversation covered many topics, I suspect that readers may be less acutely fascinated by some issues, say, the comparison of the exercise programs favored by Leonard Cohen and the Duchess, than others.

For example, what about the …

The Cat Without The Hat

Kezban confirms that our favorite Canadian singer-songwriter-icon & long-time canine lover is now the primary caregiver for a cat (see photo atop this post and the shot at Leonard Cohen & DrHGuy – Hanging In The Hood) who roamed the neighborhood and “got himself adopted” by Leonard Cohen. Asked the name of the cat, Kezban writes,

The cat’s name is Jackson. (but I like pronouncing it with a French accent, I have a feeling he likes that:)


Left to right: Duchess, DrHGuy, & Kezban Özcan. Photo by Leonard Cohen

The Walking Stick

That rattan walking stick originally came into play because of a gout attack. At the time of our visit, Leonard didn’t appear to rely on it and its function may well have transformed from mobility aid to fashion accoutrement. And, yes, there was talk of adding a soft shoe routine to his stage act.

What’s Leonard Cohen Up To Next?

At one point, Leonard responded to a comment I made about the wonders of his doing concerts lasting more than three hours with “We’ll have to do that again.”

Being the intrepid blogger I am, I prompted “So, there’s going to be another tour?”

Without hesitation, Leonard Cohen leaned forward, flashed his grandest smile, and immediately replied in a firm, clear voice, “Maybe.”

Not satisfied with that equivocation, I pushed forward with “Is that a definite maybe?”

Leonard smiled again, answering “A tour is a definite maybe.”

I countered with “Well, you have to do something. Your retirements haven’t been very successful.”

Leonard came back with “Or maybe I’ll write a book.”

That conversational thread ended with my offer to ghostwrite his autobiography.

Credit Due Department: The photo atop this post was taken by Kezban Özcan via a selfie app.

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9 Replies to “Calling On Leonard Cohen & Kezban: The Cat, The Cane, The Conversation”

  1. Cass

    I too read goat attack and was extremely concerned about the goat situation in LA and that it may be similar to the feral dog issue in Detroit, haha!!

  2. mel

    I just can’t stop smiling!
    I’m curious as to whether this was a planned get together or a meeting of good fortune. Either way, the updates you bring us are all good!