Leonard Cohen On Achieving Emotional Buoyancy (Albeit Transiently)

Now that I’m in advanced middle-age* I’ve discovered a certain buoyancy. Life weighs heavily upon one’s shoulders, but then you find that, with a certain kind of shrug, it will just lift off for a moment or two.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

*At the time of this interview, Leonard Cohen was 58 years old

Growing Old Passionately by Alan Jackson (Observer, November 22, 1992). Photo by Dominique Issermann: Library and Archives Canada. Originally posted August 27, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

One Reply to “Leonard Cohen On Achieving Emotional Buoyancy (Albeit Transiently)”

  1. Lawrence Klein

    “Advanced Middle Age = 58” – here it is 22 years later and I am sending you an “80th Happy Birthday Poem”
    Leonard Cohen, Happy Birthday Poem

    Happy eightieth Birthday, Leonard Cohen,
    Or 41 anniversary of your 39 – wherever you roam,
    A Montrealer you are , poetic and lithe,
    World Class artist – you surely thrive,

    In the spotlight of Art, a towering Voice,
    Perhaps a bit raspy, your unique choice
    Of Poetic illusions –of the human Spirit,
    Uplifting – transcendent – depth and wit,

    Unique is the word to capture your Song,
    “Halleluiah” – rejoice – you make us belong
    To our humanity, as we wander the World,
    Our roots, grounded in your song. Never old.

    We rejoice in the wonder you help us discover
    Accept our thanks, spiritual big brother.

    Copyright Lawrence Klein 2014