Lail Arad Sings “1934” For Leonard Cohen’s 80th Birthday

lail-arad“How it feels to be a lady of a ladies’ man”

Lail Arad – 1934 (A Song For Leonard Cohen)
Video from LailArad

Note: Originally posted Aug 22, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

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  1. Charlie

    Now, Look, Cutie – oh, yes, you are! At least until 90, then being cute means something else. But seriously, Hon, I’m getting nervous. Tomorrow is your 81st birthday and then you’ll be as old as I am now, and for several months or so, we’ll be the same age, until I reach 82, just a few months before you do. So right now, while I’m still so old and you’re not, do you promise to still love me when I tell you the next embarrassing truth that I’ve kept from you for all these years? (I HATE cheetos!)
    But I adore you and I wish you were here, holding my hand, so I could kiss yours.