Leonard Cohen’s Voice: “A Coal Sack Deep Bass”


Leonard Cohen: Born With The Gift Of A Golden Voice

Leonard Cohen’s distinctive voice has been described so often and so strikingly that I’ve collected these characterizations under their own tag: Leonard Cohen’s Voice

This excerpt is from Cohen Talent Never Old Hat by Ian Frazer. The  ever-vigilant Bev aka B4real captured this clipping (with permission) from the morning paper found in her taxi the day after the 2013 Leonard Cohen Townsville concert.

One Reply to “Leonard Cohen’s Voice: “A Coal Sack Deep Bass””

  1. B4real (Bev)

    ah Allan, thank you for posting that “piece I tore from the morning” newspaper.
    It brings back such wonderful memories of that night and my time in Townsville meeting so many of the band and crew members there!