Leonard Cohen On Rebecca De Mornay, Crazy To Love You, & Songs That “Illuminate The Moment” (2005)

[Love] is a risky business. In fact Rebecca De Mornay [Leonard’s ex-fiancée] just visited here. I just played her the record, just a couple of hours ago. She liked that song ‘Crazy To Love You,’ ‘I had to go crazy to love you, I had to go down to the pit, I had to go crazy to love you, I had to let everything fall. I had to be people I hated, I had to be no one at all. Tired of choosing desire, I’ve been saved by a blessed fatigue, the gates of commitment unwired and nobody trying to leave.’  So that’s the way I describe the moments in a certain process ‘Thanks for the dance, thanks for all the dances, it’s been hell, it’s been swell, it’s been fun. Thanks for the dance, thanks for all the dances – one, two, three, one, two, three, one.’ So. You know, whether that will illuminate the moment, that moment that you listen to something and hear something that illuminates you, whether that happens or not, I don’t know – it did for me, with those songs. quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Leonard Looks Back On The Past (unedited interview for Norwegian Radio) by Kari Hesthamar, Los Angeles, 2005. Accessed at LeonardCohenFiles