Hear Leonard Cohen Talk About Marianne, Hydra, His Career, Drinking, Touring, Love, & Whose Dogs Are Barking


This program, which also includes a recitation of “Days of Kindness” and a rendition of “If It Be Your Will,” is based on interviews by Kari Hesthamar over three autumn days in 2005 at Cohen’s Los Angeles home can be accessed at If It Be Your Will; A Man Built of Moments and Melody (The Unobserved).

An unedited transcript of the interview can be found at Leonard Looks Back On The Past (LeonardCohenFiles)

Photo: Leonard Cohen, Marianne, And Quite Possibly, The Famous Blue Raincoat

I have previously pointed out that a 1972 photo taken in Amsterdam did not as claimed in “Leonard Cohen – Almost Young” (Schirmer/Mosel), depict Leonard Cohen wearing his “Famous Blue Raincoat” after which the song is named (see similar photo below). It turns out, as Marianne Ihlen confirmed, the coat had disappeared by the time that photo was taken.  Also, the coat in that photo – well, it isn’t blue; it’s tan.


It is much more likely that Leonard Cohen is wearing the titular Famous Blue Raincoat  in this shot (found at the program site). While the color cannot be discerned in this black and white photo, the presence of Marianne indicates the photo was taken after the coat was purchased (shortly before Cohen left London for Hydra) and the ages of both Leonard Cohen and Marianne are consistent with the period in which the pertinent raincoat was in use.  And, given that Leonard was not financially flush at the time, the chances he would own two or more such coats are slim.

Note: Originally posted July 13, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric