From The Incredibly Unofficial Leonard Cohen Gift Guide: Komboloi


The Incredibly Unofficial Leonard Cohen Gift Guide

Now that we’re in the holiday season, the question inevitably arises:

What is a good gift for a Leonard Cohen fan?

The obvious choices, recordings and official merchandise, are – well – obvious. Most Cohenites, for example, already own all the albums (usually in least three formats) as well as any of the official merchandise they actually want. And how many fedoras can one wear without appearing a hipster wannabe?  So, as a public service, Cohencentric is offering The Incredibly Unofficial Leonard Cohen Gift Guide, featuring – oh, let’s go with more imaginative gift offerings such as the item that inspired the Guide, A Scarf Like Leonard’s.

Leonard Cohen & Komboloi

Komboloi are worry beads which resemble prayer beads but have no religious significance. Leonard Cohen has used komboloi, seen dangling from his left hand in the above photo, since living on Hydra. An animation of the Canadian singer-songwriter employing komboloi is shown below (also see Animation: Leonard Cohen Displays Komboloi Technique). Komboloi can be purchased at many online sites.

Source Video: The Future – Conversations with Leonard Cohen – 1993.

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