Must-see Video: First Performance Of “Feels So Good” By Leonard Cohen – Chicago 2009

thatot2herbluessongFeels so good baby, just to wake up in the morning by myself.
Cup of coffee in the kitchen, fire up a little danger to my health.
It’s like the same old broken heart, but it feels like it belongs to someone else.

“Feels So Good” was the first new song performed during a 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour concert. While the lyrics and arrangements of this song changed several times as it was played elsewhere, there remains something special about that Chicago performance.

I suppose the fact that I first met Leonard Cohen and heard Feels So Good at the soundcheck before the show that night (see What Leonard Cohen Told Me Backstage In Chicago) could theoretically have influenced my judgement on this matter.

Leonard Cohen – Feels So Good
Rosemont Theatre, Chicago: Oct 29, 2009
Video by albertnoonan

Note: Originally posted Oct 30, 2009 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

9 Replies to “Must-see Video: First Performance Of “Feels So Good” By Leonard Cohen – Chicago 2009”

  1. Naomi Siemens

    I certainly envy all of you that can go to a live concert, and thanks Albert for sharing it with ME! LOL

  2. Michelle

    Holy cow…Leonard Cohen, a new song, albertnoonan and Dr. HGuy…Chicago, I’m jealous. But I’ll always have the Palace in Waterbury and MSG. **Sigh**

  3. Kenmnife

    A while ago, techies predicted a concertgoer could soon leave a show and buy a recording of the concert he’d just attended. To my knowledge, it hasn’t happened yet. But the 2-day-old video I just watched online contained a song Cohen sang for the first time on stage. “That Other Blues Song” may not be the most poetic Cohen ditty, but it reinforced the feeling that I was witnessing history. Cohen wrapped up his audience with the feeling we were gathered together in someone’s livingroom for a peaceful respite from the harsh world that awaited when we left, after the last encore. Other than a few nearby concertgoers who had to be taught that audience members shouldn’t talk as if they were watching a movie that they could repeat ad infinitum, the concert was as sublime as the Webb sisters back-up duo, whose gymnastic ability Cohen often called “sublime.” Cohen and his lucky ticketholders have certainly been blessed.

  4. E. Ravelli

    Amazing. It sounds like an outtake from “Blonde on Blonde” or maybe “Planet Waves;” this is meant to be very high praise. I know too many people who are there now, as opposed to having “been there,” and this will be solace for them all.

  5. Naomi Siemens

    @ E Ravelli: Indeed it is solace for me. Love swells and sucks, but the heart never gives up. I think Leonard Cohen captured that, and somehow takes the guilt (OY that dirty word) off like that blindfold.

    I just checked the schedule and they are touring in France in March! Ah what I would not give to be in the same concert hall just once. I hope he makes through the US again, that gives me another chance to scratch the bucks up to go! I am a latecomer, having discovered Cohen in ’04. One concert would not be too much to ask! 🙂

    Thanks Albert!

  6. slenon

    Breakouts are always wonderful. Asheville was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. It’s been a long time since I first heard Leonard in 1968 and some years are missing, there was no music. Good to be listening once again.