Previously Unpublished Photos Of Leonard Cohen In Concert: The Netherlands – 1993


Leonard Cohen: De Vereeniging in Nijmegen, The Netherlands – May 23, 1993

Since this is the penultimate set in the Leonard Cohen In Concert 1974-1993: Photos By Pete Purnell collection, it seems apt to also present the note Pete sent me with the photos:

There won’t necessarily be any masterpieces among these photos. Their purpose is probably only to shore up my failing memory and perhaps simply to offer proof that I was there.

I must admit though, I’ve recently been wondering why people (myself in particular) find such pleasure in taking pictures at concerts. At the last concert in Gent I realized that by paying so much attention to photographing Leonard I was missing a great part of the concert, the music.

Consequently at the next one in Amsterdam I only took a small compact camera with me. (Being completely camera-less was out of the question, and I could after all simply not take any pictures). However on the next day at the second Amsterdam concert I just couldn’t resist taking my more serious equipment again but restricted myself to only sporadically taking pictures and enjoying the music more.

After giving some more thought to the subject my conclusion is that there is a deeper reason for wanting to photograph Leonard, or indeed any other “hero”, and that is that we want to possess a part of him that nobody else has, even if it is only a 1/125 of a second frozen in time. It’s our own personal shared moment with Leonard. The irony being that if you are using a camera with a viewfinder then the moment that you capture is the moment that you didn’t see because that’s the 1/125 that the shutter clicks and everything goes black.

Re the photos in this post, Pete Purnell writes:

I only heard about this concert a few days before the event and was lucky to get tickets. Unbelievable in these days of internet when you know about concerts months in advance. I’ve often wondered how this rather obscure venue came to be on the tour route.

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Leonard Cohen In Concert 1974-1993: Photos By Pete Purnell: Pete Purnell contributed remarkable photos from the 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour. Consequently, when he mentioned photos he had taken at Cohen concerts in the 1970s and 1980s, I was eager to view them. And, when I saw these outstanding images, I was eager to post them for others to savor as well. Leonard Cohen In Concert 1974-1993: Photos By Pete Purnell comprises five photo sets, each typically containing four black and white shots, of Leonard Cohen concerts between 1974 and 1993. All posts in this series are listed at the Leonard Cohen In Concert 1974 To 1993: Photos By Pete Purnell.

imgLC075_bewerkt-2900 The 1993 Leonard Cohen Tour Musicians

Leonard Cohen – vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Perla Batalla – vocals
Julie Christensen – vocals
Bob Metzger – guitars, pedal steel guitar
Bob Furgo – keyboards, violin
Paul Ostermayer – keyboards, saxophone, flute
Bill Ginn – keyboards
Jorge Calderon – bass
Steve Meador – drums

imgLC086_bewerkt-3Note: Originally posted Jan 11, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

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  1. Marie O'Brien

    I think we can all relate to the need to take pictures at the concerts and like Pete Purnell miss part of it. I treasure mine and they are not too good. 🙂