Poignant Video: Final Song Of Final 2013 Leonard Cohen European Concert – Save The Last Dance


Sept 20, 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert

Leonard Cohen – Save The Last Dance For Me
Amsterdam: Sept 20, 2013
Video by Wirebirds

Note: Originally posted Sept 21, 2013 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

8 Replies to “Poignant Video: Final Song Of Final 2013 Leonard Cohen European Concert – Save The Last Dance”

  1. Peter Offermann

    The master’s birthday was celebrated also here. Video from Amsterdam led me to think about what C.N. might say: ?”one of the geniousses we are lucky to participate in our generation(s)”?
    May the Lord bless and keep him. And let him remind us of the essence in such a beautifiul way.
    Thank you forever Dr.Showalter!

  2. Louise

    That is so beautiful. Am I right in thinking that Leonard’s Auckland concert in December might be the very, very last in the 5 year world tour? If so, I have the privilege of a front row seat for this auspicious occasion and simply cannot wait!

  3. Vicki Woodyard

    I traveled from Atlanta, GA, to attend this concert in Amsterdam. Serendipitously, we were allowed to move up to the second row and I was handed a set list after the show. Beautiful memories and eternal gratitude to Leonard and his troubadors.

  4. Alex

    Extra specially poignant( and in tears) as that was my husbands 80th birthday. A year older than Leonard. His memory is a blessing

    Love and teardrops

  5. Violeta

    Surely even this year in August when is scheduled the next concert in Amsterdam it will be a big event with a lot of memories!