Love, Ludwigshafen & Leonard Cohen: Eyewitness To 1974 Mystery Concert Emerges



The July 16,  2012 Heck Of A Guy post,1 Mysterious Ticket Clue To Phantom 1974 Leonard Cohen Concert? explored the question, Did Leonard Cohen Play Ludwigshafen On Oct 16, 1974? A summary follows:

An unused ticket that appeared to have been printed for this show [seen atop this post] was being sold on eBay, but no record of Cohen concerts I found2 listed any show taking place anywhere on October 16, 1974. Nor did any of these records list any Leonard Cohen concert taking place in Ludwigshafen in 1974.3 Details are available at the link.

Roger & Selma Fall In Love, Happen Onto A Leonard Cohen Show

Over a year after the original post,4 however, a credible witness who attended that concert has identified himself and has emailed this description:

I was just 19 years old then. I had been spending some days the summer of 1974 in Villach, Austria. There I met Selma. I just had to leave Norway for this girl. Selma’s parents lived in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. We were going for a walk in Ebertpark, we did not knew that it was a concert in Eberthalle that evening in the middle of October 1974. Cohen – we both knew him – at least ‘Suzanne’ … bought tickets and found two free seats in the front of the concert hall at the same time as Cohen entered the stage. Dark dressed – he gave us a memorable evening. Cohen is still a favourite, we are listen to his songs daily. We waited until August 2012 before we decided again to visit one of his concert in Norway, where we have been living together since 1978.

Sorry: no ticket (we got tickets without seat-number ??), no picture was made.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein had a new modern railway station opened in 1969, and it was possible to travel directly from Ludwigshafen to Paris by train. Eberthalle (Friedrich-Ebert-Halle) exists from 1965 (Info: Wikipedia).

Roger the Norwegian5

While tangible evidence (e.g., a newspaper clipping, a ticket, a program, …) supporting this report would have been ideal, I find this testimony, the concert ticket found on eBay, and the LeonardCohenForum member’s post about attending the show compelling support for the existence of a previously undocumented Oct 16, 1974 Leonard Cohen Ludwigshafen concert.


  1. Reposted  April 16, 2016 at Cohencentric []
  2. Including Is This What You Wanted by Jim Devlin, CohenLive, and LeonardCohenFiles []
  3. CohenLive, Is This What You Wanted by Jim Devlin, and LeonardCohenFiles do list Cohen concerts at Friedrich-Ebert-Halle Ludwigshafen, but only on April 27, 1976 and November 26, 1979. []
  4. This content was originally posted Nov 19, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric []
  5. Roger sent me his real name; the alias is used online for privacy []

3 Replies to “Love, Ludwigshafen & Leonard Cohen: Eyewitness To 1974 Mystery Concert Emerges”

  1. peter torbijn

    thanks so much for this report, as I am the owner of the ticket bought through eBay. still strange that there appears to be only one ticket left.
    maybe more witnesses show up in the near future?