Firearms In The Work & Life Of Leonard Cohen: .22 Caliber Pistol


High Standards Victor .22 caliber pistol

.22 Caliber Pistol

The Chelsea Hotel often served as Cohen’s residence in New York. On at least one stay at the Chelsea, the Canadian singer-songwriter was armed. The following excerpt is from a 1969 interview:1


Firearms In The Work & Life Of Leonard Cohen

Guns have been a recurrent motif in Leonard Cohen’s work and life. He was deeply affected by his father’s pistol, a marker of his service in World War I, Phil Spector threatened him with a handgun, he has owned a number of guns, and he has alluded to firearms in his poetry, novels, and songs. As is true with most subjects that arise in Cohen’s interviews, he has been forthcoming about his experience with and thoughts about guns, discussing the matter without braggadocio (no one is likely to confuse his views with those of, say, Ted Nugent) or apology. This post is part of a collection of entries comprising a noncomprehensive sampler of connections between Leonard Cohen and pistols, rifles, bullets, small arms, handguns, … . All such posts can be accessed at Firearms In The Work & Life Of Leonard Cohen. (Note: This material was originally presented at, a predecessor of Cohencentric, in a series of posts beginning Nov 12, 2011.)

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