Listen To 3 Classic Leonard Cohen Shows + Honky Tonk Version of Tonight Will Be Fine


Leonard Cohen Concerts Now Available: Philadelphia (1985), Hannover  (1979), and Melbourne (1980)

Christopher Allard, aka ALB123Videos on YouTube, has posted audience recordings of these three Leonard Cohen shows on YouTube. (Note: these concerts are audio-only; the only visual element is a still photo attached to the audio file.) The quality of  the recordings vary even within each concert but certainly surpasses the level required for enjoyable listening.

These sets offer some  interesting pieces, including Leonard & band tinkering with the song “Another Saturday Night” in the beginning of the Melbourne show, “Billy Sunday” later on in the same show, and a recitation of “The Captain” at the Philadelphia concert (featured in yesterday’s post, How Leonard Cohen’s Song “The Captain” Became A Recitation In 1985). I am, however, especially taken with this foot-tappin’, hand-clappin’, honky-tonk, downright upbeat version of “Tonight Will Be Fine” from the Hannover show.

Leonard Cohen – Tonight Will Be Fine
Hannover: November 11, 1979

Concert Playlists

YouTube playlists for these concerts follow:

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3 Replies to “Listen To 3 Classic Leonard Cohen Shows + Honky Tonk Version of Tonight Will Be Fine”

  1. Christine Roberts

    I’ll be watching these over the weekend-I particularly like the recitation above;thanks Dr. H.

  2. Alex

    Oooooh, damn and blast….I keep getting error messages, instructing me to tap again, but no joy; is it me, or anyone else have this?