Video: Leonard Cohen’s New Song On Peaky Blinders – “You Want It Darker”

pkxxUpdate: “You Want It Darker” is the title song from the new Leonard Cohen album coming out this fall. All information available about the You Want It Darker album  by Leonard Cohen is collected and updated at Info & Updates: Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker

You Want It Darker” is the new Leonard Cohen song heard during an erotic asphyxiation scene (definitely NSFW) near the end of Season 3, Episode 5 of Peaky Blinders. The lyrics of “You Want It Darker” (the segment of the song used in Peaky Blinders) follow:

If you are the dealer
Let me out of the game
If you are the healer
I’m broken and lame
If thine is the glory
Mine must be the shame
You want it darker
We kill the flame

Update: The lyrics of the entire song can be found at Lyrics Of “You Want It Darker”

The video of the pertinent Peaky Blinders segment can be viewed below, beginning at 44:22.

6 Replies to “Video: Leonard Cohen’s New Song On Peaky Blinders – “You Want It Darker””

  1. MaryB

    Allan, as always, you are on top of everything (no pun intended) – thank you. I love LC’s singing voice and I wish he had sung this.

  2. Dennis

    This is just great (even though just a snippet as it seems- makes me curious for the whole song). Somehow it reminds me on “Is This What You Wanted”. Like a darker and ripened version of if. – Still just my first association, got to wait for the whole of it ….

  3. Linda Powers

    Although I discovered LC in my latter years he delights me nonetheless! All I can say is thank you Mr. Cohen for sharing your voice, your lyrics and music from one of your biggest fans…

    1. DrHGuy Post author

      The entire song isn’t available now. Many of us assume it will be Leonard’s next album.