Joni Mitchell Warned Leonard Cohen That Phil Spector Was “Difficult”


The following excerpt from Tearing Down The Wall of Sound: The Rise And Fall of Phil Spector by Mick Brown (A&C Black: Oct 17, 2012) refers to the beginning of the collaboration between Leonard Cohen and Phil Spector:


Don’t ya hate it when your ex is right?

3 Replies to “Joni Mitchell Warned Leonard Cohen That Phil Spector Was “Difficult””

  1. Alex

    The words “pot”, “kettle”, and “black” come to mind( though that may be more because I’m tired, grumpy, plagued with hay fever and assorted aches and increasingly inclined to say what’s on my mind these days – not always a wise thing to do, but it’s been bottled up so long, it tends to come out in blurps before I can stop it – rather than anything else….. 😉

  2. Adrian

    Joni’s always told it like it is. Not something appreciated in a misogynistic industry and society.

    The greatest tragedy, of course, is it took Phil Spector’s murder of Lana Clarkson before his mental health problems would be prevented from causing harm to others.

  3. Alex

    There’s a Scots expression …”If she wis chocolate, she’d eat herself”(there’s a second part, but it’s a bit rude, and it’s not the part that comes to mind in association with J.m anyway)

    Meaning, probably obviously, that she’s just a wee bit full of herself…..just my opinion….