When Did Leonard Cohen Perform At The 1967 Rheingold Festival?


1967 Rheingold Festival Print Ad Promotes July 21 Judy Collins-Leonard Cohen Show

It’s well known that one of Leonard Cohen’s earliest public appearances as a singer-songwriter took place when Judy Collins brought him onstage with her to perform Suzanne at the 1967 Rheingold Music Festival in Central Park, New York. The date of that show, however, has been unclear. Now, however, the discovery of this contemporaneous print ad for the 1967 Rheingold Festivity (the only complete schedule for the two-month 1967 Rheingold Festivity that I’ve found)  from the WBAI Folio, July, 1967, Vol. 8, WBAI radio 99.5 FM (New York, NY) provides not only an addition to the Signs Of Leonard Cohen collection but also establishes the presumptive date of the Leonard Cohen-Judy Collins performance: July 21, 1967.

Update: “Tonight, my guitar is full of tears and feathers” Leonard Cohen Plays Rheingold Music Festival 1967


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