Marianne Ihlen’s Response To Photo Query “What is on that phone that has captivated Marianne Ihlen & a Webb Sister?”


This photo (taken Aug 2013) and the following text were posted Aug 8, 2015. Marianne’s Aug 9, 2015 response on Facebook can be viewed at the end of this post.

OK, they are probably admiring a graduation photo of Marianne’s best friend’s grandniece or they are watching a YouTube video featuring a cat doing something really cute or Charley/Hattie is instructing Marianne in the intricacies of Angry Birds (the Angry Birds On The Wire edition, of course) or something equally innocuous. But, is that really how Marianne and the Webbs roll? Isn’t it altogether prudent – and more fun – to consider other, marginally less likely possibilities, such as …

Marianne’s Facebook Response (Aug 9, 2015)