Marianne’s Song: Leonard Cohen’s Bird On A Wire

I felt much more that Bird On A Wire had something to do with me because I was there. I gave him [Leonard Cohen] the guitar. We looked out of the window. We saw the birds landing on the wires. And he had not been able to create or write or sing or do anything for weeks and he was in a very, very deep deep depression … Yeah, it’s one of my favorites, absolutely.quotedown2

Marianne Ihlen


From interviews conducted by Kari Hesthamar in 2005. See Hear Leonard Cohen And Marianne Ihlen Talk About Their Life Together

Leonard Cohen – Bird On The Wire
Prague: July 21, 2013
Video by albertnoonan

2 Replies to “Marianne’s Song: Leonard Cohen’s Bird On A Wire”

  1. Judy Scott

    When I first visited with Marianne in 1973, she showed me Leonard’s studio and out the front window was the infamous “wire.” She told me this story: “when electricity finally came to Hydra, Leonard was not happy to see modernity arrive. He preferred the oil lamps and the candles we were used to. ‘Now we’ll have to find another place’ he said, and just then a bird landed on the wire. “If the bird can get used to the wire,” I told him, “you can get used to the wire.”
    I love that story.