“You’ve got to renew the prayer” Leonard Cohen On Being Asked If There Would Be Songs If There Were No Longing.

[Interviewer] Looking beyond the end, in the song Lover, Lover, Lover, Leonard Cohen cries out that were he to start again he’d ask his father for “a spirit that is calm”. But would he, finally, if a spirit free from longing meant there would be no poetry, no songs?

A prayer is something that is continuous. You can’t claim these things. It’s like when the children of Israel were given manna, they couldn’t store it. They were given enough for each day and if they tried to store it, it would go rotten at night. Our lives are like that. You’ve got to renew the prayer. Yet I don’t know that there would be no songs if there was no longing. And, like I say in the song Light as the Breeze, maybe the most we can reach for are those times when, ‘like a blessing come from heaven / For something like a second’ we are cured and our hearts are at ease.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From Songs Of Longing – The Joe Jackson Interview. The Irish Times: November 3, 1995. Accessed 05 April 2014 from LeonardCohenFiles

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