“You Want It Darker” A Momentous Leonard Cohen Album Coming This Fall

drk800I first heard “You Want It Darker” a week ago. My immediate reaction was that the tracks were dramatically more, well, dramatically more dramatic than the songs on his most recent albums. This is the first Leonard Cohen album since “The Future” that overwhelmed me the first time I heard it. Since then, traces of lyrics and chords have continued to resonate and now I am convinced that “You Want It Darker” will be not only one of the finest albums in Leonard’s oeuvre and an outstanding album in the field of popular music but also a touchstone for songs that aspire to address the most basic human concerns — life, death, love, hate, spirituality – with self-awareness, bravery, and honesty. It is indeed a tour de force.

The “You Want It Darker” Info Compendium

And, you don’t have to take just my word for it. Information about “You Want It Darker,” including reports by others who have heard the album already,  is continuously collected and updated at  Info & Updates: Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker.  This site also offers a preview of the title song, links to the complete lyrics of that track and “Steer Your Way,” release date, tracklist, comments on and the history of the cover art, and more.

One Reply to ““You Want It Darker” A Momentous Leonard Cohen Album Coming This Fall”

  1. Vicki Woodyard

    Thank you for this, Allan. We are all waiting, all loving Leonard, all agog with excitement. As one who listens to Leonard every night as I fall asleep, this will be a most welcome addition to my collection.