Leonard Cohen Déjà Vu: Photo by Peter Schommertz


Leonard Cohen – Photo by Peter Schommertz

Dominique BOILE identifies Peter Schommertz as the photographer of the shot on the cover of Once More For Marianne. He also points out that this photo and similar photos from the same shoot can also be found elsewhere, including the German magazine Sounds (November 11, 1976) and the covers of the vinyl LP and cassette versions of Starsound Collection, a 1983 German compilation, as well as the front of a four page booklet in German (“Kuenstlerstory” translates to “artist story”) that accompanied the Leonard Cohen Starsound Collection,

Leonard Cohen Déjà Vu

It has come to DrHGuy’s attention that not infrequently the same image (or very similar images from the same photo shoot) of Leonard Cohen appears on the covers of different books and periodicals, illustrate multiple articles, or serves as cover art for various recordings. While the reasons behind this editorial predilection for certain photos could range from availability to personal preferences to cost to advice from a PR consultant, the phenomenon itself, even without a convincing explanation for the choices, has proved sufficiently interesting to generate a Cohencentric classification:


Sounds magazine


Starsound LP Booklet


Sounds magazine


Starsound LP


Starsound Cassette Booklet


Starsound Cassette