Leonard Cohen’s “In My Secret Life” Official Video Set In Montreal’s Habitat 67

5939b264d3171007a5793726ea2bc158Excerpted from MTV Architecture: Famous Buildings In Music Videos by James Bartolacci (Architizer: June 13, 2013)

Habitat 67
Leonard Cohen – “In My Secret Life”

Moshe Safdie’s experimental housing complex, which was conceived as his master’s thesis at McGill University, acts as a visual metaphor for Leonard Cohen’s mysterious subconscious in the likewise experimental music video for “In My Secret Life.” Apparently Cohen’s secret life is filled with the routine domesticity of an egg-headed family depicting some kind of existential crisis. We’re not really sure.


Video: Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life
Official Video


Leonard Cohen’s Montreal

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Credit Due Department: Photo of Habitat 67 by Wladyslaw; found at Wikipedia Commons

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