“Leonard Cohen Wrote ‘Suzanne’ While Drinking Espresso In The Corner [Of Montreal’s Cafe Prag]”


1429-1433 Bishop, Montreal (2015)

That Leonard Cohen wrote “Suzanne” while drinking espresso at Montreal’s Cafe Prag (1433 Bishop) is the claim made by “All About Coffee” by Bonnie Buxton and Betty Guernsey (Montreal Gazette: Nov 15, 1974).

cafepragAnd Expo 67 guide listed the site:

Cafe Prag: 1433 Bishop (between St. Catherine and Burnside): Basement cafe with young folksingers and such. Two entrances directly to cafe on either side of main entrance to 1433 Bishop.

While several articles mention Cafe Prag as a location for live music (predominantly folk singing and jazz), political discussions, and meetings of McGill University clubs as well as a hangout for hippies and hipster-predecessors, it apparently disappeared without leaving an image online. The most recent tenant at 1433 Bishop, Montreal appears to be Le Gourmet Burger, held by some to be “the best place to have a great burger  in Montreal.”

Leonard Cohen’s Montreal

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Credit Due Department: Photo by Jeangagnon – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikipeia

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