Revealing Photos From The August 28, 2012 Leonard Cohen Bergen Concert


I urge viewers to take a close look at this set of photos from the August 28, 2012 Leonard Cohen Bergen Concert because they, to borrow Pete Purnell’s phrasing, capture moments and subtle gestures that are rarely caught in the photos of the all too familiar poses favored by editors of media sites.

These photos are the work of jarlehm. These shots, along with other selections from this concert and some amazing photos of other, distinctly non-Cohenesque musicians, including Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer, Rhianna, … can be found.

Worthy of special note are

  • The photos of Sharon Robinson (with Leonard Cohen in Image #2), Javier Mas (Image #3), Roscoe Beck (Image #6), Hattie Webb ((Image #8), and Alex Bublitchi.(Image #11), all of which show the intense concentration and focus of these musicians not during their flamboyant solos or when they are otherwise in the spotlight but during routine, non-dramatic moments. This is not a troupe that ever phones it in.
  • I’m always taken with black and white shots of Leonard Cohen, which seem to bring out the dignity of the man. These three (Images #5, 9, & 12) are are good examples.
  • The photo with percussionist Rafael Gayol, barely visible behind Leonard Cohen (Image #13), somehow managing to look like a mischievous youngster having great fun on his drum set where Dad can’t see him.
  • Image #1 – OK, I admit it’s almost cheating to select for display here a shot of Leonard Cohen beaming like that since that’s what every fan wants to see (which raises the question, who is working for whose smile?). Sue me.
  • The final photo (Image #14) showing the audience in stark black and white is just stunning.

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