Hear Nick Cave’s New Version Of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Avalanche’ for ‘Black Sails’


Nick Cave revisited Leonard Cohen’s ‘Avalanche,’ which he originally covered in 1984’s From Her to Eternity album, for the second season of Black Sails.

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Tom Sakic, who alerted me to this cover

Note: Originally posted January 9, 2015 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

One Reply to “Hear Nick Cave’s New Version Of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Avalanche’ for ‘Black Sails’”


    Very beautifuly sang, to my ear, with a imitation of the voice of LC which is a challenging trick to do (more often than not a miss) when revisiting someone else’s song & Nick succeeded.
    The violon dragging genlty its sentimental mood in between the lines nearly drew tears from my heart but the lighter rythm and tone of the piano play fractured the flow of sadness going through me and I didn’t cry.
    I enjoyed it very much: it is indeed a beautiful interpretation!
    Bravo Nick, <3 <3 <3