Leonard Cohen’s The Future Named Greatest Canadian Album

From View From The Cheap Seats – Music best a varied field to consider by Thom Barker (Yorkton This Week: September 28, 2016)

Ultimately, I am going with Leonard Cohen. Cohen, of course, is a legend in his own right and a number of his records (The Songs of Leonard Cohen, I’m Your Man, Songs of Love and Hate) have shown up on every best Canadian album list ever compiled.

My favourite, and an objectively great album that gets overlooked, is Cohen’s The Future. Its core is dark, moody and melancholy, which I love. Songs such as the title track, “Democracy” and “Anthem” are dystopian masterpieces of lyric and sound. Others, such as “Closing Time” pick up the mood and pace just when needed, but still retain the classic acerbic Cohen wit.

The album, one of his later efforts, came out in 1992 and his smoky growl has never been better. Plus, the band he put together for it is stellar, the musicianship beyond reproach. From the compelling opening organ riff and drum roll of “The Future” to the soothing piano and strings of “Tacoma Trailer” there is not a single note or word out of place on this album.

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  1. Violeta

    A lot of L.Cohen’s lyrics touch the dystopian threshold in literature.To convince about this argument is enough to read Orwell,Huxley or Bradbury.