Leonard Cohen’s Psychotherapy Session

freud-toy-ouchThe reference to Leonard Cohen’s negative take on psychotherapy in today’s post about Hey, That’s Some Way To Heave A Sigh by Juliette Jones calls to mind the single known episode in which the Canadian singer-songwriter did attend a therapy session.  This excerpt is from Angst & Aquavit by Brendan Bernhard (LA Weekly: September 26, 2001):

Cohen did go to a therapist once, actually — out of desperation. He was so depressed that he called a friend and asked if she could arrange for him to see her therapist straightaway. Then he drove to St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica “at about five miles an hour,” barely able to negotiate the traffic. When he got there, the therapist asked him to describe his feelings. After Cohen had finished, she said, “How can you stand it?”

3 Replies to “Leonard Cohen’s Psychotherapy Session”

  1. valerio fiandra

    when I was forced to see a shrink, long long long time ago, after my intro he asked ” do you actually want this ?” “No” , I answered, and that was that. As long as I entered the elevator I was feeling real GOOD…

  2. rike

    Reminds me of a story about Alfred Adler in Friedrich Torberg’s Die Erben der Tante Jolesch (Tante Jolesch’s Heirs). After Torberg had poured out his heart to the renowned psychiatrist, Adler asked him,” What you told me − do you think that’s normal and proper?” “No, Herr Professor.”
    Palms upturned, Adler replied with finality, “Well, there you are.”

  3. Violeta

    An Apple a day keeps the dottor away is sometimes better than the decision to go to a psycotherapy session?