Listen To Special Pre-Release Broadcast Of Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker Album


All nine tracks from the You Want It Darker album, described by critics and fans alike as one of Leonard Cohen’s most important and compelling recordings, are now being streamed by NPR to US audiences, and by the CBC to Canadians. These are intense, highly focused musical constructs that grapple with the fundamental human predicament. They  are striking when first heard and resonate with the listener long afterward. You Want It Darker is destined to become not only an outstanding, sui generis album in the field of popular music but also a touchstone for songs that aspire to address the most basic human concerns — life, death, love, hate, spirituality – with self-awareness, bravery, and honesty.

 Listen Here


CBC – Canada

Update: A reader sent this link which appears to work even outside North America (no guarantees):  NorthCountry Public Radio

1. You Want It Darker
2. Treaty
3. On The Level
4. Leaving The Table
5. If I Didn’t Have Your Love
6. Traveling Light
7. It Seemed The Better Way
8. Steer Your Way
9. String Reprise/Treaty

More Information About You Want It Darker

All available information about You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen is collected and updated at Info & Updates: Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker


19 Replies to “Listen To Special Pre-Release Broadcast Of Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker Album”

  1. Bev

    No links whatsoever working in Australia!

    Oh well, just another week to wait and I’ll have the album physically in my hands!

  2. valerio fiandra

    don’t know how I made it, but I live in Italy and I AM listening
    ( maybe because I am registred to NPR ? )

    anyway, lucky me

    years of cohenism and plenty of concerts pays back ?

  3. Violeta

    Today It’s impossible to access the NCPR(at the link above) site with any kind of OS:Windows,IoS,Android.
    Maybe they register a lot of users connected contemporaneously.Yesterday afternoon everyrhing was O.K.Let’s wait.

  4. Dennis

    (some heartfelt doggerel)

    Finally I gave in
    to temptation.
    This week seems far too long,
    like Friday wouldn´t come.

    So finally I gave in,
    gave in to the Stream.
    I listened and I listend,
    again and once again. –

    It´s beautiful,
    it´s strong.
    Just can´t shake off this feeling,
    this voice, those solemn words.

    I want to thank you, Leonard,
    and thank you, Adam, too –
    for finishing this record,
    for polishing those pebbles,
    until the Light came through!

    — Humble gratitude and love and my prayers for increasing health!
    Dennis from Berlin, Germany.

    1. Maayke

      Well said Dennis and I totally agree with you. It is Masterpiece by the Maestro and his son…In my opinion the best album ever.

  5. Maayke

    This album is so beautiful. An emotional roller coaster. The violins make me shiver, the lyrics are so Leonard…Each song is my #1…Brilliant…Thank you Leonard and Adam for giving us such a gem

  6. Dennis

    Thank you Maayke,

    and yes, I do love it through and through too.
    And it´s not just those sublime Violines alone that make me shiver (as well). It´s the whole attitude.
    The whole vibe and feeling of this record. – By the way, at the umpteenth listenig I beheld the following two observations:

    1.) the whole mood and tone of “You Want it Darker” reminded me on something. Until finally I got it:
    It´s like a continunuation of “By the Rivers Dark” !! ~ Listened to both songs in succession and it made a sum (and more).

    2.) Same with “Leaving the Table” and “Did I ever love You” ~ the very same feeling of both songs making up a whole and going beyond it then.


    1. Maayke

      You are so right Dennis, I felt the same connections.
      In my opinion the strings and especially the violins gave me the feeling that Leonard’s Jewish origin had so much influenced this album. I got heavily touched by the whole album, more than I have ever experienced before. I have been a fan since 1967 when I heard his “One of us cannot be wrong” played and I have followed him ever since and watched and heard him growing into this excellent and incomparable great artist, poet and writer. This, hopefullly not his last, album is of an almost extra-terrestrial greatness. It shows us everything: his struggle, his beliefs, his faith, his humbleness, his gratitude, his acceptance of growing old and being closer to his final moments,. It is personal, intimate and it feels like he is talking to all ou us in person.